Big Data and alternative data sources for migration policy-making

The Node joins the EC, EU and UN agencies to discuss the way forward


Are recent applications of big data and alternative data sources useful to the policy-making of migration-related issues? What’s the role of social media like Facebook advertising platform, Twitter, Instagram and mobile phone data in relation to migration dynamics? Can we use them to advance social progress, inclusion, local economic development and human empowerment?


Next 30th November, Mr. Tomas Matraia, Executive Director of the Node, will join other international experts, researchers, data holders/providers, policymakers and practitioners, to discuss the topic and share recommendations on the way forward.


The meeting, organized by the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) and the International Organisation on Migration’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) will gather distinguished representatives coming from UN Agencies (IOM, UNICEF, UNHCR), European Commission (including JRC, Eurostat and policy DGs), EU Agencies (including EASO and Frontex), Population Europe – Max Plank Institute, LinkedIn, Dalberg Data Insights, Orange Lab and others.


The objectives are to:


• Review latest concrete and innovative applications of big data and alternative data sources for a better understanding of migration-related phenomena, and practical examples of use for policymakers;


• Identify the most promising applications of big data and alternative sources to complement and enrich traditional data on migration;


• Discuss possibilities, obstacles, and requirements for more systematic use of big data in the field of migration, and for increased collaboration between researchers, data providers and policymakers;


• Suggest pragmatic follow-up steps to expand use of such data sources in support of migration policymaking.


The Node will also contribute to upcoming policy-making recommendations and publications on the topic in the coming months.

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