"After the intensity”

A novel reflecting on the culture of instant gratification in a dehumanized society

On January 16th 2019, The Node will host the launching of the book ‘Beyond Intensity’ (‘Tras la Intensidad’ original title in Spanish) at Reial Cercle Artístic of Barcelona, the first novel of Ramon Vila, founding member of The Node and director of Vision Communication. 

Mr. Tomas Matraia, director of the Node and the AdWisers, will open the event jointly with the spanish Journalist Rosa Maria Calaf, Ángel Rebollo (director of Atrevia in Brussels) and Fernando Casado (director of Global CAD). A debate with the public and the author will follow.

After several years of seeking the full life experience, traveling by impulse throughout the world, the curiosity of Toni Martí is transformed into stagnation, depression and addiction to drugs. The course that his life takes leads him to commit a crime and, as responsible for his errors, he is condemned to perform social work in a residence for the elderly. There Toni establishes a forced relationship with Mr. Juan, an octogenarian who has been forgotten for years by his family and who lives his day to day without any news or frights. Lucia runs this residence, but not her life. She has become an unhappy woman, who never dared to rebel against the will of her parents, nor did she follow the illusion of her own dreams.

«After the intensity» reflects the story of three characters pigeonholed in a way of life, which only leads to unhappiness and the deepest loneliness. Soon they will discover what is behind the intensity, what is beyond the search for immediate pleasure, routine and conformism. The novel is set in a dehumanized society, where the lives of these three people serve as a backdrop to reflect on the culture of immediacy and the search for instant gratification. This is how a question emerges: What is behind the intensity?

The Node is honoured to give its patronage to this cultural initiative, inspiring reflection and debate on contemporary’s society and its complexities.

 For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/267376573923299