The Node at the 28th Economic Forum

Krynica, Poland, 4-6 September 2018


Mr. Tomas Matraia, the Node’s Executive Director, has been invited by the Polish Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies to participate to the 28th Economic Forum - a 3 days major event in Eastern Europe combining more than 1500 participants from the political, business, social and research arenas.


Mr. Matraia will bring the expertise of the Node and its members in relation to the vibrant topic of the Effective Management of Sustainable Development of Cities and Regions. Cities and regions face every day many challenges and decisions, especially when it comes to choice of a rational way of development. Such development that will enable the creation of new jobs and economic growth, while improving the efficiency of natural resources usage, reducting pollution and poverty scale. In this context, specific development strategies and effective management are needed. 


The Node provides support via its multidisciplinary platform and innovative solutions both for policy-making and for sustainable development opportunities via technology, big data, block-chain solutions, technical assistance and capacity building for local authorities and private entities. 


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