The Node and FAO Cooperating to address societal challenges

The Node was presented at FAO Headquarter in Rome to members of the Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, Social Policies and Rural Institutions Division, Agricultural and Development Economics Division and Silva Mediterranea.


The Node was welcomed by FAO as a new and dynamic actor capable of contributing to the common efforts in tackling major societal challenges such as climate change, migration, agriculture and rural development and social inclusion.


During the meetings, Node’s multidisciplinary and innovative approach, capacities and sustainable solutions were received with interest, allowing for discussion on synergies, complementarities and cooperation opportunities.


As result, the NODE has started cooperating with the UN Agency by providing direct support to FAO next flagship publication on the “State of Mediterranean Forests”. Ph.D. Enrique Doblas, Scientific Coordinator of the Node, will be coordinating the chapter on "Drivers of degradation and threats" and will provide his own contribution to this fundamental topic.


At the same time, synergies were found with FAO in supporting the Node in its sensitisation work towards UfM in promoting the innovative and transformative role of Forestry in the Mediterranean by also advocating for dedicated working group.

The Node is also looking at further cooperation opportunities - with FAO and other key-players - including, but not limited to the design and implementation of innovative multi-disciplinary projects, aiming at addressing the root causes of migration and harnessing its potential for sustainable development and social inclusion.