Forests and climate: Recommendations on good practices and strategies

How forests help our environment, economies and societies? Which strategies can combine innovation, markets and sustainability through a rigorous scientific evidence?


During the last 12 months, the Node was supporting the EIP-AGRI Focus Group (FG) on Forest practices and climate change built around 20 experts working together on strategies for the future of our forests. By sharing their knowledge and exchanging on best practices, the experts aimed to explore successful experiences and innovation in practice.


The Forest practices and climate change FG mainly addressed the following aspects:

  • How adaptation strategies are selected and implemented
  • The use of decision support tools to bridge scientific knowledge and practice
  • Training approaches and ways of sharing experiences

And the results of this collaboration are now published!


The FG’s final report, mini papers and at-a-glance fact-sheets are from now on available for free download on its website. The documents, relevant to forest managers and owners, policy-makers but also researchers, include the outcome of the discussions, identified research needs and recommendations to resolve practical problems.


The Node was represented by its Scientific Coordinator Dr. Enrique Doblas, appointed as global change expert within the FG.