Sustainable evidence for sustainable development policy-making


The Node’s Executive Director at high-level conference on the role of data, information and knowledge.


Next October 18-19, 2017 in Brussels, Node’s Executive Director, Mr. Tomas Matraia will participate to the high-level conference “Power from Statistics; Data, Information and Knowledge”.  Mr. Matraia, will provide his inputs to the two crucial panels on “ sustainable evidence for sustainable development” and “Depicting Globalisation” while moderating distinguished panellists and key-note speakers also on “The pursuit of objectivity in science and public life” and on “The potential and limitations of foresight”.

Throughout Europe, policymakers face the challenges of the on-going industrial revolution, which is driven by digital data, computation and automation and that affects everyone. In parallel, there is an increasing need for policies to be designed and monitored based on solid statistical evidence. In this context, The European Statistical System is focusing on delivering European statistics in line with users' requirements while building capacities to react faster to new user demands and new environments through embracing the potential of new data sources and digital technologies.


The conference will gather various high-level participants including industry leaders, outstanding academics, think-tank experts, national and European policymakers and official statisticians.


The outcome of the discussions at the high-level conference will feed into a “Guidance report” containing a number of recommendations, setting out a path for how to future-proof official statistics, with a 2030 time perspective.

They aim at guiding the provision of “official statistics of tomorrow” that will be capable of delivering evidence to the policymakers of the future.*

Follow the event via web streaming here

*(Info and pictures from Power from statistics website)