EU-Mediterranean cooperation

The NODE and UfM together for Mediterranean forests

Node’s scientific Coordinator, Dr. Enrique Doblas (CREAF research coordinator) has been officially invited by the Union for the Mediterranean to provide expertise and contribute also to its Emerging Dossier: Mediterranean forests/restoration.


Dr. Doblas will participate to the UfM first Meeting of the Working Group on Environment and Climate Change next March where he will advocate for a stronger and more integrated role for the forestry sector within UfM priorities and its 43 member states.


Node’s cooperation with UfM aims also to provide suggestions for further action and follow up, as building blocks leading the way to the next Ministerial on Environment and Climate Change, where Mediterranean forests can be a valuable asset also in the water, energy and food security nexus.


Node’s cooperation with UfM follows a set of fruitful meetings with the Water and Environment Division, led by UfM Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Miguel García-Herraiz.

(Photo: Almotaz Abadi, Senior Expert, UfM and Enrique Doblas, Scientific Coordinator, The Node)