The Node at the 4th European Congress of Local Governments

Kraków, 26 - 27 April 2018


The Node will participate to the 4th European Congress of Local Governments: a meeting platform for local leaders and regional elites to exchange views with public administration, NGOs and business.


Multilateral and direct cooperation between European regions and cities has in recent years developed in social and economic fields till the point at which it significantly affects not only politics and the economies of individual countries but also of the entire continent.


The Node will offer its multidisciplinary approach to the Congress, local governments and participants. It will share the opportunities that managed migration brings by also addressing the role technology, innovation, big data, policy making and strategic foresight can play for local authorities and communities.


Mr. Tomas Matraia, The Node’s Executive Director will participate to the panel: Migration - a Cure for the Problem of Depopulation of Cities and Regions?


The issue of migration is one of the most referenced topics of the public debate in the European Union. At the same time, many territories are facing the problem of depopulation caused by the relocation, especially of young people, from rural to urban areas. More and more areas in the south of Europe affected by depopulation are trying to keep migrants home for longer. Can migration be a solution to the problem of depopulation?


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