• Expanding Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe

    Expanding Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe

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  • Forests and climate: Recommendations on good practices and strategies

    Forests and climate: Recommendations on good practices and strategies

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  • “Beyond intensity"

    A novel reflecting on the culture of instant gratification in a dehumanized society

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  • Designing tech-societies with responsibility

    Designing tech-societies with responsibility

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  • The FAO report “State of Mediterranean Forests 2018” published

    The FAO report “State of Mediterranean Forests 2018” published

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  • Expanding Smart Cities in Ukraine

    Responsible Research and Innovation in Science and Society

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  • Expanding Smart Cities in Ukraine

    Expanding Smart Cities in Ukraine

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  • The Node at the 28th Economic Forum

    The Node at the 28th Economic Forum

    Krynica, Poland, 4-6 September 2018

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  • The Node at the 4th European Congress of Local Governments

    The Node at the 4th European Congress of Local Governments

    Kraków, 26-27 April 2018

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  • Strengthening mediation, negotiation, social inclusion and dialogue capacities.

    The Node is delighted to welcome EPOS in its multidisciplinary platform

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  • International conference on “ Migration: Turning challenges into opportunities”

    International conference on “Migration: Turning challenges into opportunities”

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  • Big Data and alternative data sources for migration policy-making

    Big Data and alternative data sources for migration policy-making

    The Node joins the EC, EU and UN agencies to discuss the way forward

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  • Supercomputing, the fuel for European industry

    Supercomputing, the fuel for European industry

    The Node network is supporting EU supercomputing system to foster sustainable development and public good

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  • Sustainable solutions for climate change

    Sustainable solutions for climate change

    Ecosystem services, landscape and fire risk management for the Med and EU

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  • Sustainable evidence for sustainable development policy-making

    Sustainable evidence for sustainable development policy-making

    The Node’s Executive Director at high-level conference on the role of data, information and knowledge

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  • The Adwisers and the Node

    The Adwisers and the Node


    High-level experts and innovative solutions for sustainable development


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    Platforma and the Node: Turning migration “costs” into opportunities

    Supporting local authorities and communties to manage migration challenges and harness its opportunities.


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    The Node and FAO

    Cooperating to address societal challenges


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  • slide 4

    Launching of the NODE at the European Parliament!


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Our mission is to be a game-changing actor driving innovative sustainable development solutions.

We turn costs into opportunities, forge ground-breaking partnerships, and connect public and private sectors to overcome complex challenges.

We offer support in areas such as sustainable development, climate change, migration and participation in inclusive societies.

We train and empower people and public authorities, give visibility through human-centered campaigns and provide tools for effective resources management.

Our multidisciplinary approach and expertise combines strategic advisory, technical capacities and knowledge, market opportunities and social inclusion. Our business model is inclusive, equitable and profitable. Through the 6 interconnected pillars of the NODE we deliver a unique and powerful support. We focus on people and inspire change.

Market Services & Certifications
We assist you with business development, product promotion and internationalisation processes. We help you in accessing funding opportunities, facilitating a PEFC national forestry certification system and other kinds of local environmental and social certifications, networking, and finding valuable partners in order to achieve your objectives.
Knowledge & Trainings
Knowledge should be accessible, usable and equitable. The knowledge cycle is a living process generated both at local and universal level. We embrace and process knowledge, and channel it into the ecosystem again for the benefit of individuals, societies and policy makers. We provide effective knowledge management solutions calibrated to specific contexts and needs. We deliver capacity building training, personalised coaching and build solutions through an effective mix of human techniques and IT tools.
Policy Analysis & Strategic Advisory
Whether it’s gathering intelligence, identifying problems, assessing the consequences or selecting the right solution, we are here to help you. We support you with analysis and evaluation for policy formulation at a local, national and international level. We provide you with science-based evidence and key thematic expertise to support legislative improvements and modernisation. We keep abreast of the latest technological developments and political dynamics that can impact on your policy design to offer an integrated and strategic advisory service.
Research and Technology Support
We cooperate with leading research centres, universities, technology parks, incubators and the private sector. We facilitate research and technology development through a comprehensive set of services and building upon the great expertise of our partners and network. From state of the art satellite imagery and data analysis, to environmental modelling and management, mobile applications, access to knowledge and open source solutions, we provide the support you need.
Social Awareness & Outreach
It’s about making the right choice. No matter if it is about environmental, economic or social risks we face, or the opportunities we can seize and the benefits we can harvest. Social awareness and outreach play a fundamental role. We raise awareness, inform people about new discoveries and ideas, promote best practices, and foster debate. We finely adapt content to the most effective channels for the greatest impact. We create empathy and connect to audiences. We give messages an emotional mark so to stay vivid and last long in people’s conscience. We tell human stories that can inspire leaders, opinion makers and society at large.
Social Inclusion & Empowerment
We provide support to progressive policy-making, social inclusion programming and offer training in the forestry and environmental sector, including mobility schemes and professional exchanges (north-south and south-south). We train marginalised and unemployed people, especially youth and women, to reacquire self-confidence, while creating a sense of identity and belonging to a community. We use a comprehensive and cooperative methodology to foster social inclusion and cultural dialogue. We provide people with valuable technical skills to favour their economic independence and a serene reinsertion to society. We raise awareness among communities and policy makers on the social, economic and political benefits of better integrating marginalised people, refugees and migrants through social work for the benefit of all.



The NODE is an agile structure able to swiftly identify the best partners and discover new opportunities.


Our power is in the capacity to connect you with whom you need, when you need it and for exactly what you need.


Join our network and enjoy the benefits of having access to partners, solutions, and knowledge to increase your business, visibility and capacities.


What we offer

Among the services the NODE offers, we highlight:

  • Analysis and strategic advisory for policy-making and implementation
  • Business internationalisation, marketing, communication
  • Capacity building trainings for the public and private sectors
  • Employment and Vocational trainings for migrants and unemployed
  • Matchmaking, networking, partnerships’ development
  • Access to markets, knowledge and databases
What we offer
  • Satellite imageries and data (GIS analyses)
  • Environmental modelling; availability and assimilation of new technologies
  • Land/park management & assessment for public and private activities
  • Environmental and social certifications
  • Seminars, events, audio/visual production
  • E-Learning & knowledge management solutions

Among Our Partners

Vision, determination and passion. We drive change and open new paths. If you think like us, join the NODE, you are one of us.


Interested in what the NODE can do for you? Let’s talk. We’d love to listen to your ideas, offer advice, provide support and work together. You are just one step away, contact us.

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